Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Launch of Newly Updated Website

Welcome to my blog. In this first issue I would like to introduce you to my newly revised website www.iloveyouloveme.comhttp://www.iloveyouloveme.com. I will not inundate you with blog posts, and will aim to publish one every week or so. I will repsond to reader comments and questions from tim to time.

The site is dedicated to helping you find more love, meaning and happiness in your relationships. Although the site focuses on romantic relationships, you can apply the principles to any type of relationship.

Short video introduction to site

The site has lots of free love and relationship ideas and techniques, as well as a unique online coaching system called Lovecoach. The system allows you to choose a particular relationship problem or issue, get some understanding of what has caused it, and then see some solutions, both short-term and longer-term.

One of my key aims with all my work is to make the relationship-building and emotional healing principles available to a wide an audience as possible. Therefore I have placed many social networking tools on the site. If you find the content useful, please think about your friends, and feel free to share the pages with them. I have kept the site free of  third-party adverts so I hope you find it refreshing uncluttered.

I also have a Facebook (freelovecoach) and Twitter page (freelovecoach) and will be using these to advise you of new, and what I hope will be useful content in my website and blog. I will also point you towards other useful websites and topical blogs that will support my own site, and help you with your relationships.

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Finally, I would like to introduce you to my new e-book called Lovecoach – How to Create The Relationship Of Your Dreams. This books summarises all the key principles and relationship-building techniques that are in the website. It also contains a series of self-coaching exercise which will allow you to understand and solve any relationship problems that you might be facing. Click for more information.

So have a look at the website – I hope you find it useful. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, or if you prefer subscribe to this blog.

In my next blog, and for those new to my articles and website, I will describe the key principles that underlie my relationship coaching. After this I will discuss topical issues relating to love and relationships, specific relation-building tools and techniques, and respond to readers comments.    

Have a great Easter if you are celebrating it, or having a holiday over this period.


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